The Tusk was created by Lizzy Acker and Nate Waggoner in 2014. It used to live on the-tusk dot com. Tom Batten wrote a lot of it and served in a creative advisory role. Savannah Camplin and Erin Skovmand worked as interns, with Camplin moving up to an assistant editor position in 2015. In 2016, Bridget Callahan, Rosa Escandon, Maggie Tokuda-Hall, and Laurel Lathrop worked as guest editors, with Callahan, Escandon, and Lathrop continuing to write and review submissions for the site. The site took an occasionally-interrupted hiatus in 2018 and will be going dark soon. The posts on this Medium page are a collection of our favorite pieces, which we think still hold up.

The Tusk was a website that ran cultural commentary, personal narrative, fiction and humor. This is an archive of some of its best stuff