Fiction by Elizabeth Stix

7:05 Arrive at corner. Temp approx. 71 degrees; warm. Put on yellow reflective jacket and crossing guard smock; assess area. No cars in drop-off zone, only one brown car parked kitty corner from school with driver waiting. No visible children, no apparent children noise. Do not…

by Lana Schwartz

The process of falling for a fictional character can be a deeply personal experience, specific to each of us. Sometimes you develop a crush on a made-up character because they’re Dr. McDreamy levels of swoon-worthy, and sometimes without a lack of any age appropriate males to feast…

by Lizzy Acker

Sometimes people ask me: “How do you make it as a successful writer? Where does your inspiration come from? HOW IS YOUR GENIUS SAUSAGE MADE?!” So here’s a look behind the scenes, at my process. Copyright Lizzy Acker. You’re welcome.

  • My legs itched for two years. I…

The Tusk was created by Lizzy Acker and Nate Waggoner in 2014. It used to live on the-tusk dot com. Tom Batten wrote a lot of it and served in a creative advisory role. Savannah Camplin and Erin Skovmand worked as interns, with Camplin moving up to an assistant editor position in 2015. In 2016, Bridget Callahan, Rosa Escandon, Maggie Tokuda-Hall, and Laurel Lathrop worked as guest editors, with Callahan, Escandon, and Lathrop continuing to write and review submissions for the site. The site took an occasionally-interrupted hiatus in 2018 and will be going dark soon. The posts on this Medium page are a collection of our favorite pieces, which we think still hold up.

by Tom Batten

Hank was talking. He had an idea for a podcast, and insisted that gave him the right.

“The key to success in the podcast game is having an angle,” Hank said. “There are lots of shows about current events. …

Words by Tom Batten

Art by Nate Waggoner


by Rosa Escandon


Photo by Phil Provencio

When I was a kid, I loved watching Comedy Central stand up specials. They always were so bright and flashy, showcasing bigger-than-life personalities. But that huge, glamorous production isn’t the usual for stand up comedy in general. Most shows don’t happen in giant theaters with billowing…

by Tom Batten


All day we sweat it out working for the American dream

All night we huddle in fortified bunkers, listening to doomed men scream

As rabbits the size of Ford Econoline vans

Devour them whole, then spit out their hands

Why don’t they eat the hands?


by Lizzy Acker


I’m running — panting, jumping over piles of shit and abandoned bags of clothes — but my heart’s not in it. I want the world to open up. Something major to happen. My knees hurt and I want them to hurt more.

I have only a…

by Mary Houlihan



My name’s Dave. And before you ask — no, that photo of me cliff-diving is not photoshopped! Haha.

Where to begin… Well, I’m a 38-year-old with a full head of hair, 5-foot-11, and I have three little chipmunks who I make sing for me.


The Tusk Archives

The Tusk was a website that ran cultural commentary, personal narrative, fiction and humor. This is an archive of some of its best stuff

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